Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Box Delivery (OBD)?
In Open Box Delivery, our delivery boy ("Wishmaster") will open the package in front of you at the time of delivery. Both outside as well as the brand packing is opened and shown to you. This ensures that you only receive what you ordered.
Is this Service available everywhere?
Open Box Delivery will only be available for selected locations. If your order is eligible for, you will get an option to select OBD in the Order Summary page.
How do I avail of this service?
In case you're eligible for OBD, you'll get an option of Open Box Delivery at the Order Summary page. You can avail of the service by selecting the same option while ordering.
Is this Service Free?
Open Box Delivery is a Free service.
In case of COD (Cash On Delivery), when should I make payment? Before or After Open Box Delivery?
You should always complete the payment before availing of Open Box Delivery. In case you find the product is missing, damaged or completely different from what you ordered you can return the product immediately and get a refund on it.
What will happen if the product is found to be missing/damaged/not what I ordered at the time of the delivery?
In case you find the product to be missing, damaged or completely different from what you ordered, please ask the Wishmaster to take it back immediately. In case of COD orders, you'll get your refund immediately from the Wishmaster. In case of prepaid orders, you'll get a refund credited to your account according to the Seller's returns policy.
Can I get a replacement instead of refund?
You can only get refund in case the product is deemed not acceptable.
Are all the payment modes available with OBD?
All the other payment modes except Card on Delivery is available along with Open Box Delivery orders.
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