Braun - Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Weighing | BR-3007

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  • Rechargeable – Never worry about replacing the batteries for your trimmer again. Just plug in to charge it as necessary.
  • Perfectly trim nose, ear, eyebrow, and facial hair easily – trimmer includes easy to use controls for trimming beard hair, around the ears or any other facial hair. Its unique design safely removes the hair without pulling, so you stay comfortably clean.
  • Maximum durability, made from stainless steel – Don’t settle for cheap plastic replacements. Ours is made with stainless steel blades and a body for ultimate durability.
  • Easy to clean – The attractive brushed steel finish makes cleaning a breeze while looking great on your bathroom counter! Run the blades under the tap for quick cleaning when needed.
  • Stay looking your absolute best wherever you go – The  trimmer comes included with a stylish, soft carry bag.
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Braun ear, nose, and eyebrow weighing is the best trimmer to remove facial hair easily. The head is to be used on the top and bottom of brows and in between eyebrows to immediately erase unwanted eyebrow hair. 

It targets even the smallest areas to maintain the perfect eyebrows. This eyebrow trimmer is for everyday use as a maintenance cleanup tool. The material used in it is hypoallergenic and gentle on all types of skin and closely trims unwanted facial hair. You should use it on clean and dry skin without any cream, lotion, or cosmetics. 

It is a portable size and very convenient to put in a bag during a party, traveling, or business trip. Its sharp stainless steel blades deliver a perfect shave close to your skin without causing any pulls, nicks, redness, or irritation.

Total Comfort:

Easily reach and remove unwanted nose, ear, and eyebrows hair efficiently. Ensures your nostrils are clean before use and carefully insert the trimmer inside the nose and slowly circulate it. 

Ensure your ears are free of wax before trimming ear hair. For eyebrow trim with light pressure moving against the hair growth for a perfect eyebrow trim to the length you want.

Efficient Trimming:

This nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer are designed for safety and comfort. Its protective blades ensure that they don’t make direct contact with skin. It minimizes the missed hairs, pulling, or tugging.

Effortless Trimming:

It is an innovative trimmer that cuts quickly and effortlessly from any angle and in any direction.

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