Emami 7 Oils In One Damage Control Hair Oil, 100Ml

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Emami after years of research has brought to you a breakthrough In hair oils, A unique combination of 7 oils (almond oil, Jojoba oil, argan oil, olive oil, walnut oil, amla oil and coconut oil) That will repair hair damage.- This extra ordinary oil, co created by Indian and International Hair experts provides incredible nourishment to hair without weighing it down.- it has been proven At leading indian and International research Institute that this oil reduces hair fall upto 96 percent and makes hair upto 20X stronger.

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Our hair can be damaged due to sun exposure, pollution, and chemical treatment. Emami 7 oils, a unique combination of Argan, Walnut, Almond, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut, and Amla oil. These herbal ingredients make this oil the best and more powerful for hair. 

This oil works like a miracle and penetrates the roots of dry and damaged hair. It gives deep nourishment pre-bath and is helpful for styling post-bath. Further, it is appropriate for all hair types, a light and non-sticky oil with a soft fragrance.

Benefits of Emami Hair Oil

It is the most favorite oil to prevent hair loss and you will see a noteworthy change within a few weeks. 

Emami hair oil is formulated to remove dandruff from the scalp and also prevent it from coming back.

It is suitable to enhance hair growth and makes your hair look soft, smooth, and shiny.

This oil works as an excellent moisturizer for hair and keeps dryness away.

This oil will penetrate deep within the roots of your hair and makes them stronger.

Emami hair oil is a non-sticky formula, a combination of 7 powerful ingredients with a sweet fragrance.


How to Use

It is best to use it for 2 hours before washing your hair.

Further, you can also use Emami hair oil after washing your hair for proper hair styling.


Keep it away from children.

Only for external use.

Avoid direct contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. 

Store the oil in a cool and dry place.

Keep it away from direct sunlight.

When using this oil for the first time it is recommended to read the label of instructions carefully before use. 


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