Kemei Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal KM-280R

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Kemei rechargeable electric hair removal km-280r straight blade for shaving large area of flat hairs such as arms and calfs and use it anytime you want.

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Kemei Rechargeable KM-280R Shaver is the most favorite product among women. It helps them to get rid of the monthly painful waxing and razors that are harsh for soft skin. It is easily available on CyberMart just simply order online now. Now you can get the perfect flawless skin by staying in the comfort of your home. It's time to say goodbye to those expensive and time-consuming salons. 

This shaver comes with a warranty of 1 year provided by the manufacturer. What are you waiting for? Buy now this shaver and make your life easy. It is available on CyberMart at the best price.


  • High-quality product 
  • Hair shaving system with double razor
  • Includes anti-allergy razor mesh
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Reduces pulling and sensitive skin
  • It takes 8 hours for charging
  • Easy to carry
  • Model, KM-280R


Easy Grip

Kemei shaver is specially designed to take care of soft skin unlike razors for men. Those who are tired of getting hurt by using harsh razors. Those razors can leave marks and you can't wear a sleeveless dress. Kemei shaver is highly recommendable to all women so they can be ready for any occasion in less time. This shaver is the best suitable for women who lead a busy life and travel very often. It will give you a soft touch and a smooth experience.

Powerful & Efficient Battery

It comes with a 600 mAh powerful battery which makes your product long-lasting. This is a rechargeable shaver which means you don't need to change the battery, you just need to recharge your shaver. The charging time is 8 hours, you can carry it on your vacations and do not need any beautician. In this busy lifestyle, we rarely find time to visit salons but with this personal hair shaver, we can remove unwanted hair whenever we need. 

How to Use Kemei Rechargeable Shaver

  • Press the button ON/OFF to start the shaver.
  • Open the epilator, and use both sides of the head along the direction of hair growth to clean the long hair.
  • Then use the middle foil along the reverse direction of the hair to clean the short hair growth to clean the long hair. You can use it several times for better results. 
  • Cover the shaver protective cover after each use to avoid being damaged.

Safety Warning

  • Do not reach for your shaver if it has fallen into the water, unplug immediately.
  • Do not use a shaver while bathing or in the shower.
  • Do not place or store your shaver where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink of water.
  • Always unplug your shaver from the electric outlet immediately after using it.  

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