Brazil Nut Hair Mask Keratin 1000ml

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Keratin Hair Treatment is a protein that helps to make 90% of your hair. Moreover, it is a significant protein for the protection of hair from damage.

This treatment works by making damaged follicles smooth and set split ends, and making your hair silky and shiny. 


Quality: 100% Original
Category: Hair Care
Product: Keratin Hair Treatment Mask
Form: Cream 
Benefits: Hair Strength, Restore Thickness, Shiny & Soft Hair, Nourishing, Anti-Frizz
Use: After Shampoo



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Keratin hair treatment mask brazil nut cream is one of the best treatments for damaged hair in Pakistan. Moreover, it increases hair strength, shine, and softness as well as restores hair thickness. It will make your hair more manageable, nourished, and attractive. This keratin hair treatment mask is an anti-frizz mask to seal split ends against dampness and frizz. Further, the result of this hair mask is excellent as it leaves your hair appear more gorgeous and soft.


  • Enhances hair strength
  • Revives the thickness of your hair
  • Increases hair shine and softness
  • Nourishing formula makes you manageable and charming. 
  • Anti-frizz mask repairs damaged split ends
  • Leave excellent results with gorgeous and silky smooth hair.

 How to Use:

  • Use it after using shampoo, and remove water from your wet hair before using this hair mask. 
  • Most hair is healthy from the roots but damaged towards the end. You need to use an even quantity of hair masks on damp hair and focus on split ends while applying. 
  • Gently massage your hair with your fingertips or you can comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb after applying the mask.
  •  Make sure that the hair mask covers your hair completely. 
  • Leave the hair mask for at least 10 to 10 minutes then wash it with normal water.
  • It is recommended to wrap your hair in a warm towel for steaming at least for 20 minutes. 

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