LEGOO Classic Building Bricks-For Kids

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LEGOO Classic Building Bricks-For Kids
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The LEGO Classic Bricks and Houses kit is an excellent approach

Children to the concept of imaginative creation from an early age

As children construct, play, and build some more, they learn lifelong skills

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Kids Toys

  • Start kids building with this fun selection of LEGO houses Boys and girls aged 4 and up will love to assemble and play with these 6 easy-to-build LEGO models. There's a family home, a lighthouse, an igloo, a castle, a small house and a windmill to build. Simple instructions and cool features, such as turning sails on the windmill, make construction fast and fun. After making the models, there are even more bricks and pieces left for kids to create a dream home of their own. Develop key skills with LEGO Classic building toys LEGO Classic sets put ideas and inspiration into kids' hands. Fun models and simple guides get them started. As they discover the joy of constructing creations of their own, they acquire skills that are key to future success.
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