Lip Balm (Cherry) Rivaj UK

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Unique and classic lip care product, its plump lipstick well care the tender lips, no heavy metal pigments contained. Give you magic feeling of color change on lips.

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Rivaj Lip Balm is good to relieve dryness immediately. This balm helps to cure chapped, cracked lips and make them smooth. It provides efficient and long-lasting hydration, which makes your lips healthier and plump. 

It also increases the shine a little bit specially developed for sensitive lips. Maintaining lip moisture will keep your pout full and minimize unsightly wrinkles, It is a key to keeping lips plump amd young-looking.  


  • Heals Chapped Lips
  • Protects Against the Sun
  • Exfoliates

How to Use:

Apply from the inner lips to the outer lips with natural gradation. 

  • Advance care
  • Total moisture
  • Instant smoothing
  • Delicate, beautiful lips
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