Manipol Body Massager

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Body Massager by Manipol is a tool used to acupuncture body points where you feel pain, like the sole, neck, and back. It is the best massager to get acupuncture treatment at home.


Quality: 100% Original
Brand: Manipol
Category: Health & Beauty
Product: Body Massager
Color: Blue & White
Material: Plastic
Item Type: Massager
Highlights: Multi-Functional, Shoulder Massage, Neck Massage, Back Massage, Foot Massage, Hip Massage, Waist Massage, Arm Massage
Source of Power: Electricity
Suitable: For Both Men & Women


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A body massager is specially designed to remove excess fat from the body parts such as the belly, waist, thigh, and shoulders. Further, it is a multi-functional massager design to give you a different feeling. If you feel tired or sore, you are a workaholic, and your body is always exhausted. 

Then Manipol body massager with advanced technology is the perfect tool for you. Moreover, you can easily use this massage machine due to its stylish and lightweight design. It will give you a powerful body massage with its fast and impressive rotation to cure all your pains. 

Further, it is portable and light in size, and you can carry it with you anywhere, anytime for relaxation. This body massager contains a wavy massage head design to comfort your muscles and body curves. 

Manipol is a very powerful body massager which soothes your aching muscles due to your overworking routine. We can say that it is a simple way to exercise and relax at your home. Moreover, it also works to revive your energy and stamina and decreases pressure. 

The main purpose of this tool is to strengthen blood circulation, enhance body function, and deep massage body parts. This massager also works like specialized physical therapy for patients. Manipol massager contains oil massage plus points with sufficient depth activation.


  • This body massager will control your diabetes and blood pressure.
  • It also enhances your energy level in the whole body and improves blood circulation.
  • With this massager, your digestion will be improved
  • It increases your immunity to allergies.
  • Make your spinal column and joints more strong.
  • It also works for the firming and toning of thighs, hips, stomach, and chest.
  • It also reduces numerous diseases.  
  • This body massager cures your back pain and muscle pain.
  • Best massager to dissolve fats and decreases your weight. 



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