Mi Temperature And Humidity Monitor 2

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  • LED digital display
  • High sensitivity and accurate sensation
  • Low consumption screen
  • A CR2032 button battery.
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Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 is a temperature detector equipped with an LCD screen. This device allows you to connect to your phone and other smart devices from Xiaomi. Accurate measurement of room temperature and humidity can be an important help for people who like to feel comfortable.

Detects air changes:

The temperature and humidity of the air are closely related to our health. All sudden changes can cause dry mouth, cold, fever, allergies, and general discomfort. The Xiaomi Mi 2 temperature and humidity meter warns us of the change in temperature and humidity. 

In addition, you will be able to connect the meter with other intelligent devices, so you can regulate temperature and humidity throughout the house, taking care of greater comfort.

Connects to intelligent devices:

With the Mi Bluetooth gateway, you can connect Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 to other smart devices, which allows you to conveniently optimize the temperature and humidity in your home, making you feel comfortable in all circumstances.

Notifications in Child mode:

Designed with the health of our little ones in mind. In baby mode, Mi Home warns you that the temperature and humidity values have exceeded your child's comfort zone.

Minimum energy consumption:

The temperature and humidity meter Mi 2 uses a display with low power consumption. One button battery provides enough energy for one year. It eradicates troubles with regular replacement.

High-precision sensor:

Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 has a built-in precise digital temperature and humidity sensor from Swiss manufacturer Sensirion, which is able to quickly and accurately detect temperature changes from 0.1 ° C with humidity fluctuations from 1% RH. The meter will also notify you immediately of any changes.

Understandable symbols:

The device uses intelligent smileys, thanks to which you can easily understand the current temperature and humidity values and thus guarantee your family's comfort.


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