3 In 1 Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner Eyebrow Powder Cosmetics

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3 colors (brown and black) and 2 different textures (gel and powder) with a double-sided eyeliner makeup applicator.

One angle, one normal, this set completely meet all your basic need for eyeliner or brow make-up.

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The pigmented powder is perfect to define the eyebrows, and the creamy is perfect for casual or dramatic and bold eyeliner.The powder works perfectly as matte eye shadow as well and the black color lets you build a nice smokey eye effect.Both powder and gel are made of powerful waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-oil, long-lasting formula with a soft silky texture.

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Try this eyeliner/ eyebrow kit with an eyeshadow palette to create a fascinating eye makeup look, it is suitable for both professional use and beginner.



  • This is a fascinating eyeliner and eyebrow makeup set with High Quality.
  • The application is very easy and stays for a long time with perfect black and brown pigment.
  • Powerful waterproof,anti-sweat, and anti-oil with long-lasting formulations.
  • Soft silky texture offers you a bright smooth thick eyeliner, fulfilling a fascinating crystal eye makeup look.


3-in-1 eyeliner kit cosmetics set

brown + black eyeliner kit

brown + black eyebrow powder kit

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