CyberMart Non Return Policy

Products Those Can't Be Returned

The following table contains a list of products that are not eligible for returns as per the seller's Returns Policy:

Rule NameMarketplace Name
Auto AccessoriesBrighteners, Bike/Car Stickers, Lubricants, Sealants, Degreasers, Headlight Vinyl Films, Dent/Scratch Removers, Filler Putty, Polish, Liquid Solutions, Cleaners, Power Steering Fluids, Oils, Wax, Additives and Air Fresheners
AutomobilesMotorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds, and Cars
Bath and SpaLoofahs, Scrubs, Bath Bubble/Salt/Sponge/Wash, Body Wash, Soaps and Shampoos
Baby CareBreast Nipple Care, Nappy, Breast Pumps, Diapers, Wipe Warmers, Wet Reminder, Ear Syringes, Wipes and Bottle Nipples
Cleaning ProductsStain Removers, Detergent Pods, Detergents, Surface Cleaners, Fabric Wash Products, Washing Bars/Powder and Cleaning Gels
Computer/ Mobile AccessoriesBlank/Educational Media, CDs/DVDs, Ink Toners, Music, Movies and Software, Mobile/Tablet/Laptop Screen Guards, Internal Hard Drives, Screen Guard Applicators, Processors, Motherboards, RAMs and Graphic Cards
Food and NutritionSeafood, Drinks, Fruits, Canned Food, Condiments, Meat, Syrups, Vegetables, artificial Sweetener, other Edible Products Milk and Health Supplements
FashionShapewear, Clothing Freebies, Baby Dolls, Lingerie Wash-bags, Socks, Swimsuits and Stockings
Footwear AccessoriesOils, Glue, Grease, Socks, Shoe Deodorants/Polish Creams/Sprays and Wax
Gardening ProductsSoil Manure, Plant Saplings and Plant Seeds
Health CareGlucometer Lancet/Strip, Antiseptic, Band Aid, Body Pain Relief, Healthcare Devices and Kits, Eye Drops, First Aid Tape, Medical Dressing/Gloves and pH Test Strip, Healthcare accessory, medical treatment and surgical instruments
Home ProductsGuitar/Yoyo Friction Stickers, Contact Cement, Barbeque wood, Bird/Insect Repellent, Naphthalene Balls, Crack Fillers, Inks, Marker Refills, Scuba/Smoking-Pipe Mouthpieces, Mosquito Coil/Vaporiser/Vaporiser Refills, Sprays, paint remover, napkins, cleaning gloves and accessory, spray paints and Adhesives
HygieneToilet Rolls, Women Intimate Care, Shaving Products, Smoking Patch, e-Hookah, Fake Moustache, Female Urination Devices, Menstrual Cups, Tampons, Needles, Panty Liners, Straws, Sweat Pads, Teeth Whitening Products/Wipes, Tissues, Toilet Tissue Aid, Cannula and Contact Lens
InnerwearBriefs, Vests, Boxers, Panty, Lingerie Sets, Trunks, Garter and Bra Accessories
Music Instrument AccessoriesPolish Cap/Pad/Set, Oils and Mouthpiece
Party SuppliesDecoration articles, Candles, Cut-outs, Whistles, Balloons and marker refills
Festive SuppliesHoli/Rangoli Color, Hookah Charcoal/Flavor/Mouth-tip and Incense Sticks
Personal CareRazors and Blades, Conditioners, Face Wash, Blackhead/Makeup/Nail Paint Removers, Creams, Deodorants, Electric Ear Cleaners, Eyebrow/Eyelash/Hair Styling Products, Eye Mask, Face Care/Fairness Products, Oral Hygiene Products, Fragrance, Fresheners, Gels, Hair Care, Kajal, Lens Solution, Lip Plumper/Stain, Mascara, Mehendi, Nail Sanding Pad, Oils, Perfumes, Hand/Toothbrush Sanitizers, Lipstick, Serums, Talc, Sunscreen, Tanning Liquid, Tattoo, Toners and Wigs, Lip Care, Nail Care, Body Care, Foot Care, Men’s Grooming Accessory, Bindi, Body Art, Makeup Accessory, Body & Skin Accessory, bath and spa accessory
Pet SuppliesHair Styling, Health Care/Medicinal Products, Aquarium Consumables, Horse Girth/Grooming Kit/Braid Tail Bag/Hay/Liniment/Poultice, Pet Chew, Inhaler Masks, Poultice, Litter Box Enclosures, Litter Scoops, Pet Food/Treat, Pet Pad, Pet Hygiene/Personal Care Products, Tail Wraps, Waste Bags and Water Troughs
Sexual WellnessVaginal Dilators, Fertility Kit/Supplement, Lubricants, Pregnancy Kits, Sexual Massagers, Sexual/Pleasure Enhancement Products and Condoms
Health & Safety ProductsSafety Helmets, Safety Goggle and Safety Gloves
Kindly always check a product's Returns Policy on the product page.  Click here to view the Returns Policy.


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