Nova Hair Straightener (NHC-473 CRM)

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• Color Saver Technology
• Colored Hair Never Looked So Vibrant & Healthy
• 100% Aluminium
• Power Indicator Light
• Temperature Control 140-200C
• For All Hair Types
• PTC Heater With Fast Heat Up
• Super Hair Surler Styles
• Never Stick To The Hair
• 220-240V 50-60Hz
• 40W

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  • Input Power: 220-240 VAC/50HZ
  • Temperature: 100-200C
  • Rate Power: 45W

The hair straightener by Nova (NHC-473 CRM) is the best one you will fall in love with the way it works. It provides the user with metallic straight hair with a shine that lasts the whole day!

Heat Resistant

The Nova hair straightener is made of a material that is heat resistant. It means that no matter which temperature you are using this straightener, you don’t need to worry that it will damage your hair due to excess heat. It will provide you with an everlasting experience and excellent results. 

Easy to use

It is easy to use and will straighten your hair in approximately five to ten minutes. It is the best hair straightener for those who want to do hair styling in no more than five minutes. 

After adding shine, straightness, and beauty to your hair, you can enjoy your day without worrying. Your hair would bounce, flutter, and look ravishing on you. 


With this hair straightener, you will get frizz-free hair. Even after you wash your hair the next day, they would not seem burned out, nor would you get split ends. 

Best Features

Nova hair straightener possesses numerous features, but the best feature is the control knob of temperature, which enables a person to choose a level of heat as per their personal preference.


  • Made in Japan, ceramic hair safety straightener with warranty
  • Attractive and original ceramic plates
  • HInged ergonomic curved handle for easy grip
  • Power indicator light, cool TIP for safe use
  • Instant heat in 60 seconds
  • 100% high-quality material
  • Able to create super sleek, frizz-free hairstyles
  • Multi-language manual 

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