Pipe Blocks With Storage Bag - 7 Colors

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Pipe Blocks With Storage Bag - 7 Colors
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  • Useful for kids to learn about colors, shapes, numbers, and to improve child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, creativity, divergent thinking, language ability and social skills. Moreover, kids can integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios.
  • AGE - Designed for children ages 3+. Also keeps interesting for order children, so kids can easily get many years of use out of them. Comes with a special designed colorful box and a creative manual, the playing toy is always ready to be the great present.
  • It contain 48 to 50 Parts
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Kids Toys

  • Comes with a storage bag. The classic water pipe building set is not only for kids, but also for adults. Parents can play with your lovely boys and girls, have much more hours of fun with them. Great toy for family party, car trip, weekend camping, also be a perfect birthday gift, children's day present.
  • 7 COLORS & SHAPES - This creative construction building interlocking set includesseven different well finished shapes. Advanced environmental ABS plastic material is good for kids in playing. Fast shipping service, much ahead of the estimated delivery date shows on Amazon's page.
  • FUN - Provides an opportunity for a child to pass the hours constructing cool car, bicycle, train, robot, house, chair, Microscope, cute giraffe or anything else a kid likes. Hours of play and tons of awesome creations with endless building possibilities
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