Ronin R-615 Efficient Dual USB Charger - White

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Quality: 100% Original  
Brand: Ronin  
Category: Mobile Accessories  
Product: Ronin R-615 Efficient Dual USB Charger  
Type: Dual USB Charger  
Color: White  

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Ronin brings a new and revolutionary charging experience for you with the Ronin R-615 charger. It is one of the safest, most durable, and fast charging options for your mobile. Moreover, the design is elegant and beautiful that looks good on your table or desktop.  

 Key Features

Fastest Charging

This charger by Ronin has a 2.4 Ampere capacity which makes it a maximum, safe, and fast charging device.  

Automatic ID Protection  

It has an auto ID feature to save the device from damage from overcharging or overheating.  

Dual USB Por

This excellent charger has a dual USB port with cables available in all IOS, Android, Type C, and lighting versions. You need to pick the suitable version as per your requirements  

Elegant Design

It has an outstanding and elegant design that will perfectly match the layout of your desktop. It is a beautiful gadget that can perform efficiently.  


Powerful and good quality hardware is used in this durable and efficient charger. It is a long-lasting mobile charger for hassle-free users.   

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