Ronin R007 Handsfree

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Brand: Ronin
Model: R 007
Wire Lenght: 1.2 m
Best for: Gaming
Mic: Dual Mic
Jack: 3.5 mm
Stereo: 8D Sound

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If you are looking to buy hands-free, earbuds, or headphones for gaming in Pakistan,Ronin R007 hands-free can be the best option for you. It is popular in Pakistan due to its attractive design, affordable price, and unique features.

It is an attractive product because it combines red and black colors and has a unique design. There is horn ear plastic 135 used in this hands-free with ergonomics compound that can automatically adapt to the human ear when worn. 

Ronin's handsfree increased stability and does not expand for long hours.Ronin R007 price in Pakistan is affordable, and you can easily buy this product from CyberMart at the best price.Ronin R007 has Hi-Fi stereo speakers, which makes it easy for the user to understand the source of each sound. 

It makes the multi-player gaming experience more exciting and real. Furthermore, it is available with dual microphones, one is built-in, and one is a 10 cm extra long pluggable microphone. 

It is to deliver your voice to other players in the game. In case of compatibility of this gaming earphone, it has an L-shaped 3.5mm audio jack. These specific features make it compatible with all types of mobiles, tabs, laptops, and desktop computers. 

These excellent features makeRonin R007 the best handsfree for games like PUBG. This impressive earphone is the best suitable for game lovers, and you can buy it online from CyberMart at an affordable price.

Key Features of Ronin R007

Plug-in Microphone

It has a microphone headset linkage that enables group warfare thrilling. Its sound quality is transparent due to real-time audio transmission.

Enhanced Hearing Experience

WithRonin R007, you can listen for positions, gallop, and battlefield. Moreover, there is a Hi-Fi stereo hand-swimming sound effect and sensitivity transmission in this handsfree to confirm the function of safe group warfare.

8D Audio

Hi-Fi stereo is to give you a good sound experience like a listener receives the sensation from where sounds are coming.

Comfortable Wear

It is made in a comfortable design with composite ergonomics to fit on the user's ears. It significantly improves the stability, and you will not feel any swelling. 

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